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Cornwall iPhone Repair

Pricing for iPad Repair

We repair all aspects of iPad faults and damage in the same way as we work on iPhones, here in our Newquay workshop. From replacing broken glass screens and reshaping frame corner damage, to water damage repair and swapping faulty LCDs and batteries. We also work on logic board faults such as charging issues, and can have NAND iTunes error code faults repaired too.

All our work is covered by our 12 month parts warranty and most of our iPad repairs are ready to collect the next day (they take a little longer than iPhone work)

This allows time to ensure the surface is chemically cleaned of adhesive before fitting the new screen with genuine Tesa tape. This prevents seals failing and glass lifting. Faults such as broken switches, buttons and microphones can be resolved too.

Glass LCD Displays Home Buttons Dock Connectors

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iPad 2/3/4

Glass repair £50

Battery replacement £55

iPad Mini 1/2/3

Glass touchscreen £59

iPad Mini 4

Glass & LCD £99

iPad Air 1

Glass touchscreen repair £59

iPad Air 2

Glass/LCD repair £125
Battery £65

iPad 5/6th Gen (2017/2018)

Glass touchscreen repair £75

iPad Pro (glass & LCD)

9.7" £150

10.5" £180

Frame Corner Damage

As with iPhones, bent corners and frames are re-curved or straightened as standard on all repairs where possible, using specialist purpose-designed tools, to allow new glass to sit flush